Showcase with Designer Bag Exchange

Designer Bag Exchange Showroom, a one-of-a-kind platform where designers can showcase their unique creations in our exclusive virtual showroom. By joining us, you'll have the incredible opportunity to gain exposure to fashion enthusiasts, influencers, stylists, celebrities, and even potentially be featured in renowned magazines all around the globe, including red carpet events.

Here's how your brand will benefit:

1. Website:

Your brand and submitted pieces will be showcased on the Designer Bag Exchange website. We provide a dedicated designer spotlight  in our showroom, where your creations will be highlighted and celebrated. This offers you a fantastic opportunity to gain visibility and recognition among our audience.

2. Social Media

We will feature your designs as content on our social media channels, giving your brand even more exposure to a wider audience/demographic.

3. Magazines

If selected, your pieces will have the opportunity to be featured in prestigious magazines such as
Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, and more. Imagine seeing your creations grace the pages of internationally recognized publications!

Billboard Showcase

4. Advertising/Times Square Billboard Showcase

Another exciting benefit of joining Designer Bag Exchange is the opportunity for your items to be featured live on a larger scale, here in New York City. Our Marketing/PR team runs seasonal or bi-annual campaigns often showcased in the heart of Manhattan, (Time Square) New York City. In the course of our collaboration, your designs may be selected for some of these major campaigns. This presents a great opportunity for the exposure of your designs.

Pricing​ Plan

We embrace designers from all corners of the world, welcoming your talent and creativity. To provide flexibility for you to choose from our two contract options:

Showroom only

1) Monthly: $900 (up to 5 bags).
2) 3-months: $2,300 (up to 10 bags).

Showroom + items to be sold on the Designer Bag Exchange Collection in the U.S.

1) Monthly: $1,100 (up to 8 bags).
2) 3-month term: $2,900 (up to 12 bags).

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Join us at Designer Bag Exchange Showroom and unlock the potential for your designs to be seen, celebrated, and sought-after. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to showcase your brand to a global audience.

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